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About Josh Pate and Late Kick Live

Welcome to Pate State Material! This is the digital home of Josh Pate, the passionate sports analyst and host of the renowned "Late Kick Live" show. With a deep love for college football and an unwavering commitment to insightful analysis, Josh Pate has become a prominent voice in the sports media landscape.

Josh pate: The Face Behind the Insights

Josh Pate's journey in the world of sports media has been nothing short of inspiring. His dedication to providing comprehensive and engaging coverage of college football has earned him a loyal following. With an impressive background in sports journalism and a keen eye for breaking down game strategies, Josh brings a unique perspective to every discussion.

Late Kick Live: Where Analysis Meets Entertainment

At the heart of Pate State Material is "Late Kick Live," the dynamic and interactive show hosted by Josh Pate. With a blend of in-depth analysis, live Q&A sessions, and captivating discussions, "Late Kick Live" offers fans a front-row seat to the world of college football. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just getting into the sport, Josh's insights will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the game.

Pate State Material

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